sunnuntai 27. lokakuuta 2013

The inner fan boy surfaces

Wow, time flies. And it flies so fast. I've been surprisingly busy with the food blog and social life (yeah right, what social life) so I haven't been able to update this one. And guess what? Today we started another food blog. Ok, not a completely different one, but now we're going to publish the food blog also in English. I'll need to translate the recipes which will be somewhat time-consuming as well. But it's going to be worth it, since I think there are people around the world who are interested in traditional Finnish cooking.

But enough about that. The biggest thing since the last blog is... oh actually two things. But the thing that I am most excited about is the new Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer that came out a couple of days ago. I'm such a fan boy when it comes to the Marvel superhero movies, but above all other, I'm a Captain America fan boy. That has a lot to do with the fact that I'm also a huge Chris Evans fan. That man is just... guh! Perfect. I can't describe how excited I am about that movie and can't wait for it to be April already. I think I'll make another post tomorrow perhaps and will focus on my love for CA more. :)

And then the not so nice "big thing" since the previous post was a clash with an ex-of-sorts. We've had a long history, though the dating part of that was very short. But now I just couldn't deal with the whole thing anymore. Yes, we've been flirting and kind of skirting around the subject of maybe trying again, but I just don't want that anymore. It's not going to work, because I don't want it to work. I may have been a bit rude when trying to get that across, but nothing I can do about it now. At least it should be a subject that is clear.

Oh and of course... I went to see a musical back in the city where I studied. It was a program fully executed by a conference/concert hall where my friend works. It was pretty cool, even though it's not fully my cup of tea. I do like musicals, but that subject didn't hit the mark fully with me. However, we had so much fun otherwise. Went to eat lunch with friends before and afterwards we went to have dinner. It was so great to catch up with them. We're now kind of all over the country and don't get together as much as I would like, so this was a special treat.

But the weekends are really going way too fast nowadays. It's Monday again tomorrow and I just don't know where time goes. Only three more weeks and then I'm off to Barcelona for work.

Now I'm off to bed... Need some zZzZzs.

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