keskiviikko 9. lokakuuta 2013

Here we go

Yep, the first personal public blog ever. Let's see what comes out of this. It just felt like a natural continuation to the other blog that I'm writing with my flat mate. That one's about traditional Finnish food, but unfortunately at least now it's only in Finnish. But if you want to check it out and like the pictures and want me to translate the recipe, just let me know. Would be happy to do so. The blog is at

Anyway, since I started writing that, I kinda thought that why not start a blog for myself as well and share all the boring details of my life. Let's call it therapy. Ok, not going to do that as such, but it is going to be my life that I will be writing about. Unfortunately I sometimes have a tendency to over-share. But I guess a good start might be to tell a little bit about myself.

I am a 29-year old guy from (and currently in) Finland. Very much single, living with a flat mate, working from home. I'm a bit of an odd case I think, because I'm not too fond of the Finnish way of life in general, but despite that fact I just moved back to Finland 6 months ago. Sometimes I just don't make sense. So I'd dare to call myself somewhat international as well, having lived the past 2+ years in Luxembourg. Before that I was going around the world with my job as a vacation guide/tour leader.

I don't usually make sense, sometimes even for myself, so be prepared that also the blogs will be highly irrational sometimes. My mood goes from 0 to 100 in a fraction of a second. It can be complicated sometimes, since I have a tendency of writing what I have in my head at that point, so if I'm upset about something, I write it down and then the next day I'm already over it and would already write something completely different. Oh well.

Let's already tackle one subject that I do find challenging with an open blog like this. Like I said, I don't have a problem sharing my life as such, but since I am nowadays a "professional, with a career" (whatever that means) and interact with quite a large amount of people, I do have a urge to keep those two parts of my life separate. That's strange in a way, because I don't really hide or change who I am at work versus who I am on my free time, but still. I am not too keen on everyone getting a glimpse on what's happening in my head. I don't think I'm a radical political activist, hugely passionate (and vocal) about my religious beliefs (which I don't really even have) or anything that I would want to keep to myself, but still... Maybe I don't want people to judge me for being me and expect that I should be something else than I really am. Who knows.

Now look at that, this really ended up being a therapy session after all. I think I should see myself at least once a week, so that we can possibly make some progress at some point.

So until that time... Over and out.

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