maanantai 4. marraskuuta 2013

Thor 2

Yes, it was already on THORsday when I went to see Thor - The Dark World, so this is already a bit late. I still want to write about it, because I absolutely loved it. It doesn't necessary surprise anyone who knows me, since I'm a proper Marvel fanboy. Although, I do think that if they gave us something completely stupid, I wouldn't swallow that.

But, Thor. All in all it was a lot better movie than the first one I think. Part of it can be explained with the mandatory introduction of the characters that you need to do in the first movie. As people know the characters already, you can just focus on the plot, character development etc. And that was definitely the case now. The relationships with people felt more natural and real.

I'll avoid writing any spoilers since there's a lot of folks that haven't gotten it to the theaters nearby. But let's just say this that there is a death that did touch me and I almost teared up a bit.

Then the chemistry. I think that the brotherly "banter" between Thor and Loki was great. By no means were they friends, but despite that, there was that feeling that they ARE brothers. What I didn't like too much was that, at least to my opinion, Sif was showing signs of being "romantically interested" in Thor. She didn't have enough scenes though... She's such a cool character. But I like the female characters usually better, when they are strong ones. Jane is fine too. She was a lot better now than in the first one.

Oh and Darcy. She's just amazing. Sassy and dorky. So all in all it was quite a good experience. The only thing that was a disappointment was the fact that I expected to see a Captain America - Winter Soldier trailer before the movie and that didn't happen... I am so looking forward to that movie. Why isn't it April 2014 already?!

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